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News And Events

  Sarvodaya Central Vidyalaya celebrating the 72nd Independence Day Published on 15/08/2018

Sarvodaya Central Vidyalaya was filled with orange, white and green vibes while celebrating the 72nd Independence Day. To honour the ones who have lost their life during the freedom struggle and to invoke patriotism, the school flag was hoisted by our Principal.

  RESULTS OF KHO -KHO TOURNAMENT Published on 10/08/2018

In the Kho-Kho Tournament organised by Edu Sports Partners League(EPL) at TKM Centenary Public School,Kollam,Category I Boys bagged the first position and the Category I Girls secured the second position. Merlon Sony of IV A clinched the Best Player Title.

  MUDRA 2K18- ARTS’ FEST Published on 10/08/2018

MUDRA 2K18- the school Youth Festival conducted on August 8,9 &10 was a grand blend of events on Dance,Music,Literature and Fine Arts. The three-day fest felicitated students for their creative expression. The bubbling enthusiasm exhibited by the participants has been tremendous. The fest gave the students an opportunityto express their artistic and literary talents. It also helped them to develop the qualities of mutual respect, love,communal harmony and national integration.


The school team bagged first prize in Olasael P.K. Mathew Memorial Interschool Patriotic Song and National Anthem competition organised by YMCA,Trivandrum.

  RESULT OF A MUSIC COMPETITION Published on 27/07/2018

Joel Nixon of XI C won a software worth Rs. 1 lakh as prize in a competition conducted by Spotify Music Company on January 1,2018. Out of the 30 lakh participants, 200 participants received the software called Fl Studio-12. The song which he prepared as part of the competition will soon be published by the youtube channel named Trap Nation.

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